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Most of us experience thoughts, feelings and behaviors that prevent us from being truly happy or accomplishinng our life goals. Can you imagine how wonderful life could be if you were happy, secure, in satisfying relationships and possesing the self-confidence and self-control necessary to realize your dreams... to conquer your fears?

To achieve the happiness you deserve, you must deal with problems effectively. For example, do you suffer from depression, anxiety or phobias? Are you stuck in self-defeating patterns or behavior? Were you ever the victim of childhood physical, sexual or emotional abuse? The aftereffects do not heal themselves; You need professional help. That help is available through the offices of psychotherapist Laura Essen. As coauthor of Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse: Dynamics and Treatment, and lecturer on this topic, she has become nationally recognized as an expert in this area. Who better to trust with your problems than this psychotherapist? With over 20 years of experience in private practice, Laura Essen is sure to help you along the road to becoming the happier person you know you can be.


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